For patients who feel self-conscious about revealing a large amount of gum tissue when they smile, gum reshaping provides a way to improve an imbalance in the proportion of the gums to the teeth. This type of smile, often termed “gummy smile,” causes the teeth to appear shorter along the gum line and can impact a person’s confidence levels. It can even affect one’s personal and professional life. Our experienced dentist, Dr. J. Otis Hurst, and his team at Preferred Family Dental offer cosmetic gum reshaping as a procedure that recontours the gum line, leaving your gums with a more balanced and symmetrical appearance.

Benefits of Gum Recontouring

By reducing excess gum tissue along with the teeth, a “gummy smile” can be virtually eliminated. The benefits of gum recontouring include:

  • Precision laser technology that reduces the risk of infection
  • Virtually painless
  • Fast recovery
  • A new smile that shows more teeth and fewer gums

Laser Gum Lift Procedure

Once our dentists determine if you are a candidate for a gum lift, we will design a treatment plan individualized to your teeth and gums. To maximize your comfort, we apply a local anesthetic to the treatment area. We can usually complete the gum lift procedure in a single office visit and often takes only an hour or less. For most patients, little recovery time is required. Patients who are not considered ideal candidates for the procedure will be presented with alternative options for addressing their aesthetic concerns.

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