For patients seeking an alternative to traditional dentures or dental bridges, implant supported dentures can provide a more comfortable method of tooth replacement. Unlike traditional dentures, dentures supported by dental implants do not require the constant application of adhesives. After the procedure is complete, you can regain the strength and stability of your bite—and maybe even feel a boost in your self-esteem as well. Here at Preferred Family Dental, our experienced dentists offer implant supported dentures to not only restore your ability to drink, chew, and speak with ease, but also to rejuvenate the look of your smile with beautiful, natural-looking results.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

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Since these dentures are anchored into place by several dental implants, the stability of the denture is greatly improved when compared to more traditional methods of tooth replacement. Implant supported dentures stay in place without the use of adhesives while simultaneously blending in more naturally with your existing healthy teeth. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved functionality for eating and speaking
  • Zero food restrictions
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cosmetic smile enhancement
  • Reduced stress on the gums
  • Reduced risk of bone loss
  • Natural look and feel

Implant Supported Dentures Procedure

During the consultation process, our dentists will determine if implant supported dentures are the best treatment option for restoring your missing teeth. Ideal candidates for this procedure will have sufficient bone density to support the dental implant and may already have a deteriorating dental bridge or compromised bone growth. Once your candidacy is determined, we will use our advanced dental technology to create an image of your existing mouth structures to precisely plan the dental implant placement as well as the size and shape of the denture. Dental implant surgery will provide tooth replacements, enhancing the strength and support of the denture. After the dental implants are in place, the denture is securely fastened to the implants, allowing you to enjoy your new smile with confidence.

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